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You've known us for years as the "go to" guys when you need Macintosh sales and service regarding the following:

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Color Management

Color Management has always been a real challenge in the world of print and design. Is your monitor calibrated? If so, to what? Do you have a color proofing device? If so, does it match your monitor(s)? Do both of those match the printed pieces that you get from your commercial printers?


Complicated? Yes. Impossible? No. With tools from Apple, Epson, Perfect Proof, Pantone & GretagMacbeth there are real solutions available.


If you're ready to understand embedded profiles, and deal with an inline color proofing solution, we'd like to help. Please contact us for more information about how we can help you manage your color.  ^ Back To Top

Font Management

Did you know that there are now a minimum of four separate font folders in various places in your OS. Fonts that worked perfectly well in "the old days" simply may not work (or even show up) at all in OS X.


So what are you supposed to do?


We will gladly give you a FREE analysis -- providing you with a diagnostic report and an estimate on what it would take to "clean up" your fonts. We will also recommend software & provide you with a labor estimate for MacDoctors to assist you in implementing Font Management in your workflow.


Contact us for more information about how we can help you manage your fonts. ^ Back To Top

Professional Services

We offer a wide range of professional services geared for the graphics professional. We are pleased to offer digital asset management solutions, as well as consultation on digital workflow. 


Our concept is simple: We want to keep ourselves abreast of the current state of technology so that we can offer you comprehensive, cost effective solutions and thereby allow you to concentrate on being creative and running your own business.


If you've ever imagined having your work made easier or your workflow simplified, give us a call. We'd be happy to meet with you and see if we can make your world better.


Contact us for more information about the range of professional services we offer.


Where We'll Go


Although we're located in Sioux Falls, SD, there's nowhere we won't travel to help our customers. We have clients in Iowa, Nebraska, Minnesota, North Dakota, and even a few on the coasts.


If you've got a problem and are willing to pay for our time to get there, we're willing to figure out a way to get to you.


Contact us for more information about our rates and billing policies. ^ Back To Top

Secure Content Management

We offer secure content management, spam filtering, e-mail distribution, FTP services, firewall services, and VPN security.


Please contact us for more information about firewall products. ^ Back To Top

Service Department

Skill and experience do matter! Between Eric Renshaw (our service manager), Larry Lamb, Jason Bittner, and Shawn Dvoracek, your computer problem is in great hands. Whether it's an in-warranty or out-of-warranty problem, no matter where you purchased your Mac, iPhone, or iPad, we will take care of you and your device.


We will treat your computer hardware, your time, and your valuable data like our own as we strive to show you the MacDoctors' difference.


We understand deadlines and realize that computers seem more likely to misbehave as your deadline approaches. Call us when it happens, we'll fix the problem and you'll meet your deadline.


Contact us for more information about our rates and billing policies. ^ Back To Top


Training and support are where we shine. Our motto has always been "Apple sales and service, with a great bedside manner." Although we sell Apple computers (as well as many other kinds of hardware and software) we consider our primary business to be Supporting Our Customers.


This support can come in the form of onsite service calls. It can come in the form of phone support for your computer and/or your programs. And it can come in the form of in-house training. And of course, we tailor all of these to fit your needs.


We have years of experience with the Macintosh and various other design/prepress application software titles. And we have, among other resources, people on staff with an amazing depth of knowledge in very specific industries and vertical markets.


Rather than going into all of the things that we can help you with or help you learn, we invite you to tell us what you want. One way or the other we'll figure out a way to help you!


Contact us for more information about our training and support offerings. ^ Back To Top