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You may have met at least one of us before. We’re the folks that you (most likely) called the last time your Mac had a “melt down.” Maybe we sold you your Mac. If not, maybe we fixed your printer or worked on your network. If none of this rings any bells, then we’re overdue for an introduction.

Our philosophy is simple: Apple sales & service with a great bedside manner! If we haven’t already, we hope to meet you soon!

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Jason Bittner

Jason Bittner is one of our onsite technicians here at MacDoctors. He’s worked on everything Mac from networks and VPNs to printers for over a decade. If your business needs help with new Macs’s or with your current setup, Jason is your guy! If you have any questions about your network security or general Mac enterprise questions Jason will be there to help

Adam Hust

Adam is a service technician at MacDoctors, with a deep-rooted connection to computers that began in his childhood. Prior to his current position, he honed his expertise in cellular networks while working in sales and customer service at T-Mobile. Currently enrolled as a Cyber Security student at Western Governors University, Adam is on track to complete his Bachelor's of Science degree by late 2024.

Eric Renshaw

Eric Renshaw is our service manager at MacDoctors. He has a vast working knowledge of the innards of virtually every Macintosh computer. In what little spare time his two kids allow him, Eric enjoys woodworking and writing about the history of Sioux Falls on his website Greetings From Sioux Falls. If your computer is in need of some attention, call MacDoctors and ask for Eric.

Garret Fritzemeier

Garret Fritzemeier is the educator in the group. Garret has more than 30 years of teaching experience in mathematics, physics and computer applications. He also spent six years as the Technology Coordinator for Adrian Public Schools. Garret is the extra set of hands on the sales floor and does a large share of our training.

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Al Berven

Computers and Drums - Drums and Computers.

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