Common Questions

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“My device is acting funny! I think I need to bring my device in for diagnostics. Do I need an appointment?”

Appointments are not necessary for diagnostics. iPhone repairs are the only repairs that require an appointment. Call to find out if this is the case with your iPhone issue.

“Do you offer AppleCare services?”

Yes, we are an Apple Premier partner. This allows us to facilitate AppleCare repairs using genuine Apple parts.

MacDoctors Service

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“I was browsing the internet and now my screen is telling me I have a virus and to call Apple! What do I do?”

Apple does not send out any form of virus notification. In all cases this is a ploy used to scare you into calling a number that is NOT Apple. If you cannot get rid of the pop-up, give us a call or stop in for assistance.

“I am worried about protecting my Mac from viruses. Do you recommend any anti-virus for my computer?”

We support and carry a program called BitDefender. This is a lightweight and non-invasive anti-virus program. If you would like to learn more, give us a call or stop in.

“If I want my device repaired, how long would it take to get the part?”

In most cases, the parts we order arrive in 1-2 business days

“I have a problem with my computer setup at home. Do you offer in house/on-site services?”

Yes we do! Our techs do in-home or office support of your Apple products and peripherals of all kinds. Call or use the inquiry box request service.

“I have a Mac and I would like to upgrade, do you take trade-ins?”

Yes we do! There are many factors that play into the trade-in process, the best way to go about it is to bring it in so we can get a better idea of what the trade would be worth.

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“My iPhone/iPad says it is unavailable and I cannot use it! Can you fix it?”

Yes, we can fix that problem. We would need to restore the device, which erases all the data on the device. Make sure you have a backup! If the device is locked to your AppleID, you’ll need the username and password to make the device functional again.Tell me more about AppleCare

“My device is broken/damaged, what is the price for repair?”

To receive an accurate quote for a repair, please reach out to us. You can bring the device in or give us a call and be sure to have the serial number handy. 


How do I turn off Find my?

Here is an the Apple support page with instructions 

How do I force quit an application?

If you have a non-responsive application. Or maybe a pop-up add that won’t go away. Here are the instructions

How do I get in touch with Apple?

While we try to solve every issue sometimes Apple is the only one with access to resolve the issue. You can call them at 1-800-My-Apple (1-800–692–7753)

Remote Support

If you would like us to have temporary remote access to your machine. We prefer to use Team Viewer. You can find the download and installation instructions here. After installation you will have to follow these instructions

We will provide remote support on a limited basis. If you would like to you to give us a call and setup and appointment. We prefer to have the machine at our office but understand that is not always possible. Remote support is $95 an hour. 

I forgot my Apple ID password

You can try to reset it at

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